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Ignition problems <5000>

RE: '85 5000s

Recently my 5000 died in 5th gear.  The diagnosis was pretty easy, as 
oil was dripping from the high tension lead when I pulled it from the 
coil.  I tested the coil, and sure enough the secondary resistance 
was 3.25ohms, roughly 1/2 what my Haynes manual specifies.  I 
replaced it with a new coil from the local Car Quest.  The car 
started right up and ran for a couple days before dying again.  The 
new coil was dead.  I assumed that the ignition control unit was 
screwy, somehow cooking the coil, so I bit the bullet and bought a 
second new coil and ICU from Carlsen (significantly cheaper than the 
generic stuff available locally!).  The new coil's secondary 
resistance, before installation, was only 3.08ohms - bad, according 
to Haynes.  Out of desperation, I installed it and the ICU, but I'm 
still getting no spark.

Did Carlsen Audi send me a bad coil, or is my Haynes manual wrong 
(meaning I've got lots more troubleshooting ahead)?  What's Bentley 
say the secondary resistance should be ("Type 1" coil)?  Ideally, can 
someone check their working coil and let me know what the secondary 
resistance is?

...and the Audi is my reliable car!



   '85 Audi 5000s   It ain't over 'til the fast lady sings!

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan