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Re: What is a Mini??

the morris mini minor was supposed to follow on from the morris minor.  it did, but was a completely different package (if not concept).

1959, front engineered, transverse engine, front wheel drive. extremely small yet could (just) seat 4 adults.  hydragas suspension (no springs), 4 on the floor and go-kart handling.  alex isognissis (i know i spelt that wrong) designed it (he did the minor as well).  recently died i believe.  started life with the a-series 850cc engine. could just about travel up a steep hill in 1st (just kidding).  the legendary cooper series were a 1 and 1.2litre engineered sample which had been tweaked by john (?) cooper and produced some good horsepower (2 carbs, but still an a-series 8 valve engine).  collectors items...

the mini was rallied (monte carlo) and won (paddy hopkirk).  1962 i think?

the most significant small car of the last 40 years without question.  they are still produced and can be seen on the roads of the remnants of the british empire (like australia ;-)).  very popular in japan where they have cult status.

'93 s2
'90 ur-q