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Thanks for the reply to my last posting, obviously i was not making myself 
clear as to what it is i'm after. About four years ago i was offered an Audi
coupe quattro turbo(flared wheel arches,leather int,electronic dash etc for 
about 11k (GB). Like the fool i am i turned this down in favour of a BMW (or
should that be WMB?) Alpina B10 which has on the whole been a great car and has
spoiled many a 911 owners day. However i've now caught the Audi bug snd wish to get my hands on a coupe turbo.
What is a pre-TORSEN,TORSEN?
also what is the reliability like in general? as i dont want to get my hands 
dirty if i can possibly avoid it. Price wise can i pick up a good one for 7-10K(GB)?