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Re: What's happening with Majordomo

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Myers say:

> Hey Y'all,
> There seems to be some sort of problem going on with majordomo. 
> Has everyone else been getting lots of double postings?  I've also been
> getting some *EXTREMELY* long posts which look like the entire digest file
> being re-posted with a small additional inclusion.  I seriously doubt that
> the sender really did this.  There was even an inconsequential private
> message from me to someone else included which should not have been part of
> the digest.
> Dan, have you been seeing these?

Dan's on vacation. Steve Buchholz and I are filling in.

I have seen a couple of double-posts, but this has been an
ongoing problem for many moons. I don't think anything out
of the ordinary is happening.

As for the entire digest contents being reposted with a few
lines of reply, many people do this. It has been commented on
before as being somewhat rude and wasteful.

Let me and/or Steve (steveb@falcon.kla.com) know if anything really
looks screwy, and we'll try to sort it out.


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