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RE: What is a Mini??

Dan's on vacation, two of our long suffering brothers are acting as Dan
stunt doubles.

I have also been getting two copies of quite a few postings, my own
included. Dan should be able to sort it out upon his return. Besides, he
will be completely depressurized by then, we need to help him get
re-acclimated, don't we?


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>From: 	Robert Myers[SMTP:rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu]
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>Subject: 	Re: What is a Mini??
>Hey Y'all,
>There seems to be some sort of problem going on with majordomo. 
>Has everyone else been getting lots of double postings?  I've also been
>getting some *EXTREMELY* long posts which look like the entire digest
>being re-posted with a small additional inclusion.  I seriously doubt
>the sender really did this.  There was even an inconsequential private
>message from me to someone else included which should not have been
>part of
>the digest.
>Dan, have you been seeing these?
>   Bob
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