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Re: What'd I see?

Hi Joe,

I posted to the list a while back on a similar car I spotted here in
Holland. It was an Avant, A6 model, in dark green metallic with the red
rear lights and the 4.2 badge. A friend who's a VAG mechanic says there was
one in their shop a while back looking the same.

The one I spotted also had a 'quattro' badge on the grille.

1988 80 1.8S FWD
From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 09 Aug 96 12:53:17 EDT
Subject: What'd I see?

Spotted in a parking lot in Germany:

A late model style (C4) 100 with S4 badges and a 4.2 on the rear.  I thought the
S4 was an I5 turbo?  I don't think it was badge engineering because there was
also an Audi V8 owners manual on the back seat.

Styling features:  completely red tail lights, Alcantara seats with "quattro"
printed in them and S4 badges.  A big, garish, chrome, exterior-sized "quattro"
badge glued to the Zebrano wood trim.  A diff lock.  AudiSport steering wheel --
no S4 badge (looked aftermarket, it didn't "fit" the style of the car)

Here's what's confusing me:  It had UFO brakes on it.

I know the 90-91 V8's in the US had the 100/200/5k body style (similar anyway).
Did Audi make a V8 in the new body style with the UFO's?

Joe Yakubik

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