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RE: radiator cardboard - NOT!

I've run my 4KQ at two COMSCC events at NHIS without either the top or bottom airflow control panels for the rad. No overheating whatosever, runs nice & cool. Might run hotter stopped in traffic tho. I would like to replace them anyhows as I'm sure the airflow through and under the car would be better with them in place.

Factory replacements for all pieces are available in nice, thick, black plastic. I first saw these pieces on Bruno's Pro-rally car. has to have em! I bought these for the 85 ur-q. You need to find someone that is willing to check their stock physically and verify that they are the plastic pieces when you order them. They were, I think, the same price as the paper ones, you just gotstah know to ask!


> I've been driving my 85 4KQ around for three years with that piece
> cardboard missing. I don't think it has much of a purpose; I haven't had
> any problems with it not being there. As far as replacing it, I can't help
> you with that.
Righto!  I dont think my 4kq EVER had that bottom one. The top one 
however is important, it will overheat without it.


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