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> From: "Royal,Paul" <royal@bos.msmail.idx.com>

>  Also..PLEASE...can someone tell me correct AMSOIL synth product for   
> manual transmission for same car?  I want to change next week.

Paul, call me this evening at 409/776-1477 after 8 pm CT and I'll 
look it up for you.

For general reference, folks, if you need to locate an Amsoil dealer 
near you, call them at 800/777-8491 and they'll clue you in.  My 
suggestion is to do what I did - become one - then your questions are 
easy to answer and supply is assured!  I paid their annual dealer fee 
for 6 years, then just bought a lifetime dealership (about the same 
total $$) and have no further $$ to pay. 

Not pushing the product so as to arouse the occasionally tender 
sensibilities of the collective list..........just informing those 
who prefer this extensive product line.

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