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Aiming loghts, the tool...

I have one of those home mechanic headlight aiming tools; cost about $10.00
at a local shop. First, you need a fairly level surface. 2nd, put the tool
on the floor and adjust till bubble is level. Third, place over 3 glass
points on light. Hold in place and adjust light until bubble in tool is
again showing level.

I've used this on 4 different vehicles over the last few years, and it
seems to do a good job of getting the headlights close to the OEM settings.
I used it on a 4 light rectangular bulb system, 2 bulb rectangular system,
round 2 bulb system, and on my '87 5KCST. (All stock lighting, no upgrades
or custom lights.)

If anyone is interested, I'll dig up the packaging and get the
manufactures's name, address, and model.  The shop  had to order it for me,
but I wouldn't classify it as a special tool.

Jerry Fields

UW Whitewater, Whitewater, Wisconsin  USA
DoD #1697