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ur-q air temp sensor

Update to rough running problem I posted yesterday.....

A few people suggested the warm-up regulator so I got one today from breaker
for about 25USD. Fitted it as soon as I got home but problem still there ...
no change at all. Another suggestion from the List is the water temp sensor.
Am I correct in saying this is the small sensor located on the underside of
the water outlet which is bolted to cylinder head between 1st and 2nd spark
plug? There are two sensors on this water outlet, one below (small with
single round terminal) and one on top (bigger with single flat terminal).
What do they both do? Temp gauge on dash seems to work fine. There is
another temp sensor fitted to back of cylinder head near firewall. Whats
this one for?

If anyone can give me specific readings for these sensors and for the Air
temp sensor throughout various temperatures I'd very much appreciate it.

It kills me to do this but I'm taking the car to a workshop tomorrow (or
should I say later today) to have a diagnostics test run and to check the
fuel pressures, especially the control line pressure from the warm-up reg.

George Harrison,
Co. Kildare,

'85 ur-quattro
'86 80 Sport