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Re: LRP, 2-piece EM and JE big-bore pist

> Anyone know what the resultant displacement will be with these suckers?
> Like 2.3- 2.4L?

Let's see ... .100" overbore of 79.5mm works out to 82.04mm which, combined
with a stroke of 86mm, works out to 2273.05cc.  Close enough to 2.3L for me
although the NF and NG 2.3L motors have 82.5mm bores. I don't know if these
blocks are different or not but it looks like you CAN bore an I5 by another
.5mm if you really want or need to ... and don't we all?  ;^)

Of course, at $450 for everything, it sounds like a smoking deal to me.  If
I wasn't stuck with an NF block for my next project, I'd snap them right up
myself.  If anyone wants to buy just the pistons, I'll gladly buy the crank
... just get in touch.

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