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UK ur-quattro values

In message <4855161115081996/A17527/CSAV10/11A87AD03600*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz> Dave Eaton writes:

> One question which has perplexed me is whether air-con was available 
> standard on the right hand drive 20v ur-quattros.  i'd like to add factory 
> air-con to my 20v, but have been unable to discover whether this was an 
> option for rhd ur-q's. my dealer doesn't know and so far the factory 
> hasn't responded to queries.

Was air conditioning _ever_ standard?  I've heard people say that it was 
_never_ fitted during initial manufacture but was always a retrofit - 
sometimes by the factory, sometimes by the main dealer.  There are two main 
types found on RHD ur-quattros - both are pretty much "drop in" units.  I can't 
see any reason why they wouldn't fit a 20v.  Not much of the gear goes into the 
engine bay - most is behind the bulkhead. 

One of the UK club members has a letter from the supplying dealer to the 
original owner, confirming that his car had arrived but that there would be a 
small delay "while the air conditioning is fitted".  I also know of one main 
dealer in the UK (Protheroe's, in Market Harborough) that has fitted air 
conditioning after delivery - the job officially takes 2 1/2 "standard days" - 
GBP600 or so at VAG's standard rates.

(After missing the fact that my turbo impellor securing nut had fallen off,
 I wouldn't trust Protheroe's to change a sidelight bulb.  Metal shavings
 throughout the intercooler and up to the inlet manfold?  Very worrying.)

I suggest you email Brian Rickets on aa016@dial.pipex.com - he supplies a lot 
of export RHD equipment, and would certainly know if a kit is available.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club