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Re: A polite response

> Bravo! Personally, as much as I love the tq, following my lotto win it'll be
> a tough decision between a Lotus S4S, the V8, or a Volante...   Said verry,
> verry softly...

Good, all good...

For me, in order, <new 8-car garage,> McLaren, 993tt, '91 200Q20v Wagon, 928GTS 
(last year of production run), Audi V8 5sp, F355 Cabrio, '67 GT-40, '63 Lincoln 
Connie 4-door Convert, <move, new house, new 16 car garage with maintenance bays
& Lift> '57 Chrysler 300 Convert, '56 Corvette V8/4sp,   Ur-Q, '67 Corvette 
427/435.  ( gotta keep a couple of bays for visitors... )

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart