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89 200qw Clutch problems

Well  this is an interesting gnome if i've ever seen one.   I was driving
around on saturday and Stopped at the mall for a bit.  I come out about and
hour and a half latter and tried to drive home, but i noticed that my clutch
was engaging way to soon (the pedal was about 1/4 of the way up when the
clutch was fully engaged)  and i also notices that the clutch would not come
all the way up unless i stuck my foot under it and push up.  

well i drove for about a 1/4 mile (in the mall parking lot) and another
interesting thing happens   the clutch goes to the floor  but wont come back
up!!!(I am a little dense so this is what made me thin  "hmm, may bee i
should park it and find a ride home,"  ass i said   i am a little dense)
when i parked it and let it sit for a couple minutes i noticed a puddle
under the car, it seemed to hydraulic fluid.

Well i take my friends car home and decide to call a tow truck and get it
home so i can look at it.  So i go back to the mal  and am a bout to call
the tow company when i think that i'll try it again.    low and behold it
worked fine   as if there was no problem at all.   Its been five days and no

The only thing i can think of are:

1; low Hydraulic fluid level.   The tank was about 1/4 inch above min, and
may bee the Hydraulic clutch is self bleeding.  So may bee allot of air got
into the system because of how low the fluid was and that cause the self
bleeding valve to open.  The combined with the extreme heat of tucson caused
the vale to get stuck open.

2; my clutch slave cylinder is going bad   and i got a reprieve form the
audi gods?  :)

Any help or advise is much appreciated

Scott Macdonald 
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