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Re: K&W PS Leak Sealer???

> There is a product in the Autozone store that says it helps stop slow 
> leaks in power steering system and IS compatible with Audi. I have a slow 
> leak in the system somewhere and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it.
> Paul

Yes, we have no bananas.  We have no bana...

oops, sorry.

Yes, I have tried it.  Twice now.  (I figured all of the 1st
evacuated during the brake fluid experiment.)

My being an experienced and seasoned Audi owner for the last
25 days, 22 hours, and 27 minutes (give or take), I feel 
more than qualified to say... "Darned if I know."

I got mine at an auction (with no prior intent), and the fluid
was basically long gone.  Title work looks like it sat on a lot
for at least a couple months.

I put some of the KW (?) stuff and some synth PS blend in.  Later
learn the blend probably wasn't the right stuff.  Result was 
fairly consistent puddles under the car.

Someone suggested adding some brake fluid (now highly questionable 
idea), which ended up cascading out nicely on the dealer's floor
about 45 miles from home.  This was my first hello to the $11 pint
bottle of "official audi" PS fluid.  I think this was also the 
second Wallmart bottle of the KW? stuff.

Still leaking, but now more like a several drips under the car.

Back home, latched onto the much more reasonable $18 quart of Lucas.
Topped it up, and have had it go down about an inch in the 
resevoir (sp) since.  (knocking on wood with twisted fingers)
Looks like the level's held it's own for going on two weeks and 
only an occasional drop or two under the car.

Now, whether the KW did any good, or whether the seals were super
dried up and naturally swelled back up, who knows?  My auto tranny
works ok now but slipped badly the first several days, and I never
added anything to it.

FWIW, looking at the ingredients on the KW, you'll note the 
active agent appears to be isopropyl alcohol.  

(Just in case, the brake fluid thing looks like a bad idea.)

'84 5kS, so far, so good.  146,499 miles and holding.  (odo broke)