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Sale for Steve's 20v Ur q fund

Well fellow listers, last night I picked up the harness, ECU, hoses and misc.
sensors for the 20V 3B that will eventually reside in the engine bay of the
Not So Ur q.  The rest of the engine (heavy stuff) will come home early next

Now that it looks like this project will become reality, its time to sell
some of the Audi "stuff" I have aquired over the years to help finance it.

Here's a partion list of what's available:

Early 4k or ur Q Abt "taxi" dash
Treser (Father of the Quattro) steering wheel, four spoke, fat, brown, good
Power antenna, Fuba, amplified short mast model, 80/90, 5k/100/200/V8
Audi phone, ant., harness, mic., Motorola brand
WX (ur Q) engine, spun rod bearing - complete pan to valve cover, but no
manifolds (yet)
MC (5kt) intake manifold, w/ throttle body, hose to intercooler, PCV system
"       "    exhaust manifolds (two, both w/ usual crack)
MC Idle Stabilizer Valve (used)
MC Injector Cooling Fan switch w/ shroud
MC Injector lines
MAC-14 (89 1/2 two knock sensor) engine harness, some wires cut, incl. most

I'll be taking best reasonable offer on these parts.

I will also be selling the original ur Q injection system, MC head, turbo,
manifolds, etc. when it comes out of the car , but this probably won't be for
a while.  So if anyone need parts for a 4k turbo conversion kit, let me know.

Steve Eiche
Lakewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q