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Re: sale

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996 MMLeslie@aol.com wrote:

> I would like to thank you for your quick response to my note.  you and a few
> others responded.  let me tell you more about the car.  its an 86
> 5000csquattro turbo.  silver/brown? exterior with a grayish black leather
> interior. 5 speed im trying to sell because my wife was hit in the right rear
> and we can't afford to fix it up to my standards. we are looking for some
> options.  in march of 96 i put $1500 into the brakes and another 250 into an
> altenator.  it has good rubber and it can be driven.   i am looking to sell
> the whole thing or parts oreven pick up the stuff that i need extemely cheap
> so that i can keep it.  i am located in manchester nh
Contact Chris Semple at Autobahn Motors of NH in Bow......to get an 
estimate on some of the repairs....also.....either Auto Re Nu 
It....Manchester for body work....ask for Mike or Exterior Auto Works in 
Bow.....Mike at Auto Re NU It does awesome body work.....suburb quality 
for the money......he is a really good friend of ours....and Exterior 
also does good body work...though I've only used him for frame 
straightening and for that he damned good and downright 
inexpensive.....if you wish to talk to me personally.....228-1254....in 
Bow and I'll give you more info....don't get rid of the car....you can do