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Filters - Amsoil

I had an inquiry from a group member as to the price of Amsoil oil 
filters.  Since I'm really only a dealer for my own convenience (and 
yeah, for a few of my friends...) I think it's OK to let you folks 
know which Amsoil filters fit Audis, and what the current prices are.

According to my 1995 product guide, from 1985 to 1994, ALL Audi 
models use the ASF-34 oil filter for the main filter.  The turbos 
with an extra filter require the ASF-57 for the turbo oil circuit.

In 1995 models, all except the 90-sport with the V6 engine also use 
the ASF-34.  Although the product guide shows the same engine for the 
90 and 90-Sport, it calls for an ASF-36 for the 90-sport.

In my guide, there are no Audi oil or air filter listings for 1984 and 
earlier models, but I believe that fitments may be available by 
calling the home office and asking for specific recommendations.

Now the good news:  Full retail price for the ASF-34 or ASF-57 is 
$7.95.  Retail for the ASF-36 is $9.25.  For those of you who are 
paying comparable prices for more conventional filters, I suggest you 
find an Amsoil dealer, buy and cut open one of their filters (if they 
don't already have one dismantled and on display).  Buy a Fram, 
Purolator or any other standard filter, cut it open and compare.  You 
will become a believer in that instant.

Commercial disclaimer: I am NOT soliciting personal Amsoil biz; but 
since I'm not rich or crazy, neither will I refuse it.  My primary 
interest is providing information to this group.  End of advisory.
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