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Re: Filters - Amsoil

Al Powell writes:
> According to my 1995 product guide, from 1985 to 1994, ALL Audi 
> models use the ASF-34 oil filter for the main filter.  The turbos 
> with an extra filter require the ASF-57 for the turbo oil circuit.
> In 1995 models, all except the 90-sport with the V6 engine also use 
> the ASF-34.  Although the product guide shows the same engine for the 
> 90 and 90-Sport, it calls for an ASF-36 for the 90-sport.

The 2.8 V6 in my 96 A4Q certainly doesn't use the same oil filter
as my other Audis.  The A4Q filter is much larger.  Also, the
4000/5000/100 (normally aspirated) cars use a different factory
filter than the 5000T/200 (turbo) cars.  If Amsoil lists the same part
for all these cars I would consider their list suspect.  Perhaps the
Amsoil will "fit" all of them, but there is a reason why the factory
designed them with different part numbers, because they ARE different.

Before you put any aftermarket oil filter on your car you should
check the factory part numbers for your filter and see if it
crosses over to the other Audi models as listed.

The way I see it, although the factory filters are expensive,
they are only more expensive than the "good" aftermarket units
in terms of a few dollars a piece.  In the grand scheme of things
when it comes to the cost of operating and maintaining a car,
the difference is insignificant.  I would feel a lot better using
a proper OEM filter that the car was designed to use.

My $0.02.

96 A4 quattro
84 5000S Turbo
80 4000
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