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meaning of emissions test report

My '86 4000S (1.8 litre) passed the Texas state inspection emissions
test!!!  This was the first time it's had the test and I was a little
concerned.  Anyway...

Can anyone tell me if these numbers look OK?  I'm concerned about the
HC test.  My score seems a little close to the limit.  Also, what is
the 'Dilution' test?

                    EMISSIONS TEST
                       STANDARD    TEST    RESULT
CO (%)                    1.20    0.08    PASS
HC (PPM)                   220     192    PASS
DILUTION (CO+CO2) (%)      6.0    15.1    VALID
RPM                       1600     907    VALID

Sam Nicholls <nicholls@convex.hp.com>