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Re: Justification for higher education?

> Unka Bart, there's a man that needs a ride inna Studillac... Not to mention
> a 300H. My dad usta restore Cords and V12 Cadiilac-Allards. There's a
> special feeling that comes from blasting a hole through the air inna 3 duece
> special order purple '60 Eldo.

Ain't it the truth.  And just by the way, if you find someone with rides to give
in a Studillac... Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart would dearly love one himself!

I envy our growing up in that environment (hell, I envy you just for growing-up,
but anyway...).  

When I was a freshman in H/S ('53/4), I lived in San Antonio.  Along Broadway, 
out by Ft. Sam Houston, there were Smith Motors, the largest sports car 
distributor in the Southwest (where I saw the first 300 SL displayed in the US 
in the summer of '53); just down the street a block or two, there were two used 
car lots.  

Not your average used car lots, one of these specialized in Classics and had 
several Cadillac V-12s and V-16s, an Auburn Boat-Tailed Speedster, and various 
assorted similar Classics.  The other, smaller lot specialized in what we'd call
"exotics" today; this place had three (!) (Spanish) Pegassos on the lot at once.

Pegassos, for you youngsters, were probably the rarest and most exotic high 
performance cars of that day, costing between $20K-30K at a time when a Roller 
or Ferrari would go for $12K-20K.  They had OHC V-8s and true top speeds around 
150!  And *Luxury*!!!

And I'll never forget the thrill of stopping down at Lubby's famous sea-food
restraunt (also on Broadway, a couple of blocks up from Smith Motors) one 
afternoon, in '52 or '53, and finding the entire team of bug- and mud-covered 
road-race Lincolns, fresh from their victory at the Carrera  Pan-America, 
*parked* in the parking lot...

Yer Kindly ol' (misty-eyed) Unka Bart