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Re: I5 revival

Mark Shilling wrote:

> Report from Texas: I talked to Audi rep in San Antonio on Saturday.
> According to his notebook, the new 5 cyl. replacement for current 6 will be
> here in Oct - Nov, with the turbo not expected until perhaps Feb - March.
> He also said that he expected ~$2,000 increase on both new configs, but had
> no info on specs/option. Maybe this info is just for this area.  Hopefully
> it is a little inaccurate...
> It would be interesting to see what everyone else around the country is
> hearing...


That matches pretty well with what the Audi sales creature told me back
in February at the PDX car show.  However, he wasn't expecting to see
them until sometime in '98.  This would be a year and a half sooner than
he was informed.

I suppose only time will tell.

'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR, USA

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