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Next Saturday (24/08)

In message <v01540b00ae3a451e08f9@[]> Ian Gregory writes:

> Am I right in thinking that next Saturday (24/08) is the Annual Quattro
> Owners Club get together?

No, the Annual General Meeting serves that purpose.  Usually at the Hilton  
Hotel outside Warwick, in April/May.  Castle Coombe is one of the larger 
events, though - expect 25 ur-quattros and 1,000 spectators. 

> Firstly, does my owning a 1988 90 quattro make me eligable for membership
> of the club (I know you prefer Ur-qs but I aint got there yet)?  If so,
> then can I come down next Saturday and join there?

If you own an ur-quattro or Sport quattro, you can be a full member.  If not, 
you can be an associate member.  There is no difference other than the name, 
which is to satisfy the RAC.

> Hoping all the above are yes, then where is the meet?  What times?  Is
> there a good pub style bed and breakfast nearby likely to have vacancies
> for Friday night for myself and my partner/family (I hate commercial
> hotels)?  Should I bring the Kids (1 at 3 and 1 at 18months)?

Malcolm Lake on 01792 899647 has all the details.  I'm sure he'll be taking his 
wife, if only to raise David Preece's blood pressure. 

> I am not frightened of the Engine Bay or Under Dash of
> Audi's as I have been a Mechanic in a past life and am now a Computer
> Engineer.

Spoken like a man who's never hunted bugs in a late model ur-quattro.  I was 
trained as a cable and wire engineer, and was a mechanic on the RAC rally for 
two years.  Ur-quattro electrics terrify me.  Audi have a nasty habit of using 
separate chassis returns for each function, and not uprating the brown return 
wires when they add load to the circuit.  The book (just the wiring diagrams 
for the ur-quattros) is 4 1/2" thick.

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