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Re: Zymol

>From dan_masi@MENTORG.COM Fri Aug 16 09:45:42 1996
>On Aug 15, 12:58pm, Edward T Spire wrote:
>> Any useful tips?
>Ed, did you mail-order the Carbone?  I used to use it (actually
>the Japon version) on my previous car, and I've been wanting to
>start on my new A4, but can't find the stuff in retail any more.

I bought the stuff over the counter at my dealer, Schaumburg Audi.

>Tips?  You're gonna love it.  The wax is great, *very* easy
>to work with.  But you really should use the HD-cleanse first,
>before applying the wax... and my only tip for that would
>be to rest up for a few days prior!  The HD-cleanse will give
>you a workout.  But it's worth it.

They said that wasn't necessary on a fairly new vehicle,
but after reading the literature I'm rethinking that.

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