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Re: Filters - Amsoil

In message <> deecee@exit109.com writes:

> >Hi Phil, I am new to this group as I signed on yesterday. I am a Master
> Audi Technician working in a VW/Audi/Porsche dealer in New Jersey, U.S.A. I
> attended a A4 update seminar last week near Washington D.C. If you want I
> can scan the page in the training manual showing the differences between the
> two oil systems for you. 

I'm not that bothered yet - the A4Q is still out of my price range.

(Although how _anything_ can be out of an ur-quattro owner's price range is 

I spent the weekend before last demonstrating the A4Q in which Biela won the 
World Touring Car championship last year.  We had a club stand at Coy's 
Historic Motoring Festival to exhibit an S1, an A2, and half a dozen other ur-
quattros, and Audi lent us the A4Q and its support trailer for four days.

Quite incredible really - they turned up, gave us the A4Q and the keys, and 
disappeared for four days.  It's a very impressive vehicle, and I hope some of 
the technology becomes available in a consumer form before long.  I found 
Biela's driving position weird - his feet are perhaps 4" above the bottom of 
the seat, which is very low.  The electronics package in the race car is 
particularly nice.

Audi also provided a video display of their sporting achievements.  Quite a 
coincidence, as it featured Stig Blomquist in the 1983 Lombard RAC rally and 
Michele Mouton in her S1 - we had both cars in the marquee. 

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