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ADMIN: quattro digest status

I'm really sorry to decrease the S/N ratio on the q-list with this admin-
istrative stuff, but I wanted to make sure the scoop was out.  As you all 
have probably noticed from the prior messages, there appears to have been 
some problem with the address list for the quattro digest.  The digest does 
appear to be working, just there aren't very many people $ub$cr!bed any 
more.  Fortunately I had a list of the members that were $ub$cr!bed about 
a week ago.  I have sent messages to each of them telling them to re$ub-
$cr!be if they are interested in getting the digest.  It should be as simple 
as submitting a re$ub$cr!pt!on message to <majordomo@coimbra.ans.net>

The only adverse effect that we will all have to deal with is the fact that
majordomo apprears to be $ub$cr!bed to the digest as well, so that every 
time a digest is dispatched the server pukes up one spurious message.  We 
should be able to live with them until Dan has a chance to find and fix the
real problem.

How does that go .... and now we return you to your regularly scheduled 
programming ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
Temporary q-listmeister tag team member 
... craftily dodging the censors ;-)