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Identification of list members on the road....

In message <850@audvid.win.net> savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff) writes:

> >I was thinking of using either red or yellow paper or plastic-coated circular
> >(round) stickers (about an inch in diameter) on both our front and rear
> >license plate holders...
> That could work....

Of course, those list members who join the UK Audi quattro Owners Club will 
receive, as part of their membership kit, an exclusive windscreen [windshield] 
sticker, with the Audi-approved wording, the Audi-approved design, the Audi-
approved font, the Audi-approved graphic and the Audi-approved colours.  Yes - 
the red is even Pantone PMS 168!

Beware of using the word "Audi" on anything not _thoroughly_ approved by the 
factory.  We have a _major_ problem with the "classic vs current" argument - 
the ur-quattro is no longer being built, and many owners of earlier vehicles 
would much prefer to use 1983-vintage artwork on their stickers.  Audi, 
however, is committing major resources to marketing campaigns using the 
"quattro" nomenclature and they are investing heavily in keeping the Audi and 
quattro images up to date.

We are managing this issue with Audi, and have a good relationship both with 
the UK franchisees and the factory in Germany.  An Ingolstadt representative 
attended the Goodwood event (where Michele Mouton set a new non-F1 course 
record) and was impressed with what we had achieved.  They realise that there 
is mileage for them in the "classic" aspect of the ur-quattros, and they are 
starting to trust _us_ with their corporate image.  The fact that they handed 
over a fully-functional World Champsionship A4Q to us for four days and left us 
alone and unsupervised with their image, glying _their_ flags from _our_ 
stands, speaks volumes. By the by, I think we sold a lot of Audis over the Coys 

But please be careful, especially with the Audi name and logo.
Use the UK stickers - we've done the work, and they're approved by Audi.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club