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Re: Baby time...

On Sat, 17 Aug 1996, Al Powell wrote:

Congrats on your new addition. :) I hope he brings as much happiness into 
your home as our new little girl does for us!

> > Just a few minutes after The Baby came I Squimishly went out to the
> > parking lot to get some fresh air, felt dizzy saw my quattro went to
> > open the door to sit down and Puked all over the side of it. Including
> > my shoes

Hence the reason I was in the waiting room playing Doom on my laptop. :) 

Here I am, an (ex) med student, seen it all, right? I didnt think I 
wanted to handle that....Just this morning, I pick up the little tyke, 
and she starts hurling (not bad, but for me it was!) I hold her 
horizontal and away from me, like she was a bomb or something, and my 
wife comes in just as the little one decorates her dresser again. Boy did 
I catch h*ll! :)

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