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86 4kq Headlight Switch

Dear Audiphiles-

Help!  I have for years had a problem with failing headlight switches, and
over the last 4 years I have gone through 3.  The failure mode is always
the same.  In the headlight position, the headlights will go on, but none
of the side markers or instrument panel lights will work.  So I put the
switch half way between positions 1 & 2,  This activates all proper

The last time I put a new switch in, I noticed the wiring harness connector
starting to fry so I installed relays to reduce the current load on
the switch, and soldered in a new connector.  Unfortunately, this has not
solved my problem, and the connector is melting again.  In addition, the
switch gets very hot when left on for long periods (too hot to keep your
hand on the orange glowing area).

I believe headlight switch and harness problems are common in this vehicle
due to my experience scavenging headlight switches in junkyards.  It seems
that 1 in 3 4kq have a repaired wiring harness or melted switch.  I have
also heard of similar problems on similar vintage VWs.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Has anyone solved this problem?

Please respond.

Mason B
86 4kcsq