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Re: Zymol

> >I would highly recommend that you HD Cleanse your car before waxing. There
> >be major differences in final quality. It will get all of the tar, bugs and
> >other stuff off, plus any oxidation.
> >
> >If you car isn't in bad shape, it really doesn't take very long and you won't
> >believe how clean it gets it! My 200 q which had a bunch of tar on it took 
> >about 1.5 to 2 hours to both HD cleanse and wax the car.
> OK, OK.  I'll get some HDC.
> It sounds like a lot of work.   "Work ZYMOL-HD-CLEANSE into the finish
> with a medium to heavy pressure until the surface becomes tacky."
> Should I consider using a buffer?  I've no experience with such, and
> I'm not sure a buffer is a good idea when the instructions say "Spread
> ZYMOL-HD-CLEANSE evenly on a 3 or 4 square foot section of trhe surface
> with a straight line, side-to-side pattern."

Don't use a buffer. I use old t-shirts. Put about a teaspoon full on the shirt
and then rub the area about half the size of your sunroof (just like you would
if you didn't have a glass sunroof, or your roof will be about 3-4 areas. Just
use some elblow grease going back and forth, you'll see the effect that it has.
You'll pick it up right away.

Then have another t-shirt right there and wipe it off immediately. Don't let it

The rag you use to apply the HD-cleanse will quickly become the color of your
paint and dirty. I change mine at least once during the cleaning processes.


91 200q

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