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Re: Identification & some silliness

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Darin expostulated thusly:

>How about a simple vinyl 'sticker' that mounts in the front & rear upper
corners of the front & rear >windows?   These things would have no adhesive
backing... just some static cling to keep them on >the window.  (Easy
removal)  :)

and Huw felt compelled to chime in:

I find myself in complete agreement.  As wonderful as using membership in
the UK club as an ID, it's not the same "organisation" as the list.  So who
out there makes the vinyl static thingies?  A simple stylized QG in a circle
gets my vote.  

Oops I just had another brain cramp.  What about those magnetic country
identifiers everyone slaps on their trunk lids?  Again, a black QG on white
would suffice ...