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AC Woes

Hey Y'all,

>From the subject line you can tell what I'm asking about.  The AC in my '89
200TQ suddenly quit cooling this last week.  The way it quit all of a sudden
makes me think it's an electrical problem (fuse, relay, or?).  It just
*quit*!  There was no slow lowering of output as might be expected from a
slowly developing loss of freon.  It went from working perfectly to no
cooling suddenly.  I suppose a catastrophic hose failure could also produce
a sudden end to cooling but nothing is visible, at least not that I have

The blower moter puts out lots of ambient temperature air from every outlet
where air is supposed to come from with the panel controls set
appropriately.  Everything seems to work except it isn't chilled air coming
from the outlets.

Additional symptoms observed starting at about the same time:

The low coolant/overheating symbol appears on the check display.  Coolant
level is not low.  Coolant temperature is not high.  The gauge itself is
working and, after full warm-up) indicating a "low normal" temperature reading.

All belts are in place.  The problem isn't a broken or missing compressor  belt.

I have been unable to find a blown fuse.  The relay (#11 inside the
fuse/relay box under the hood) shows some signs of rust on its underneath
surface.  I will pull this relay again to check its function according to
the  diagram on its surface.  The contacts appear clean.  The rust is not
from the contacts but appears to be associated with internal structural
mounting of components.

Suggestions, anyone, before I take it to my friend "Mr. Betterwrench"?

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