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Re: A4q rough at 1450rpm

On Aug 18, 10:41pm, Steve Wingard wrote:
> Subject: A4q rough at 1450rpm
> I've had my A4q for about two months now, and I've noticed that at 1450rpm
> there's a pronounced vibration in the drivetrain -- it feels as if you're driving on
> a cobblestone street.  Normally, I don't notice it because I'm either
> accelerating away from a stop and moving through that range too quickly,
> or I'm moving up through the gears and never get down to 1450 again.
> But as I crawled along I-80/94 this evening, I was able to experience it
> in all its glory.   It was definitely there in 1st and 2nd, but I didn't get
> a chance to see if it existed in 3rd, 4th or 5th.
> Has anybody else experienced this in their A4q?

Haven't seen this, but I'll try it.  I did notice, just last
night (and it only seems to be the case with the A/C compressor
on) that the engine does *not* want to idle around there.  I
can play with the gas pedal (in neutral) and the engine will run
fine at 800, 900, 1000 rpm, and it also runs fine at, oh, 1700, 1800,
etc; but there's a gap in there where I cannot keep the engine
running nicely at a constant rpm.

Dan Masi