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Dual exhaust on a 200q

> Do the euro-spec S6s with V8s have dual exhausts?  If so, then I believe I
> spotted one driving on one of the test routes frequented by folks from the
> VW/Audi proving ground in Phoenix.  If not, then I haven't got a clue what
> it was ... other than very cool looking, of course!  I think Bob D's on to
> something with his dual-exhaust fetish ... I wonder how difficult it would
> be to do this to my 200q?  Hmmm...
... from looking at the fiche, it appears that the S4 and 200Q20V have 
dual exhausts (even dual cats).  You may want to check into this to con-
firm it, but you might be able to retrofit an exhaust from one of these 
cars ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)