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Re: $950 on Red, engine computer roulet...

In message <199608160123.UAA04849@sylvia.tummy.com> Sean Reifschneider writes:

> Their diagnosis was that there wasn't anything else wrong, but that it was
> probably a 50/50 chance that the computer was causing the problem and that
> the new computer would fix it.

I like their logic.  If the computer doesn't fix it, there's nothing wrong?

> Since it's electronic, they won't put a replacement in and try it to see
> if it fixes it.  If they put it in my car, I have to buy it.  <sigh>

This clearly deviates from the maintenance instructions given by Audi.  They 
should be prepared to try another computer to see if it fixes the problem and 
not force you to buy it.  Why not give Audi of America a call and ask for a 
list of main dealers that _do_ properly implement Audi's service procedures?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club