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Noisy Fool Pump

OK, so my 1990 200 has a noisy fuel pump.  During our seminar this 
weekend, Mitch hinted that I should change it before it kamikazes.  
Seeing as how his is about 1/8 the volume mine is, he's pbobably 

But the manual calls for TWO special tools to change the durn thing.  
One is to remove a retaining ring, the other is to remove the pump 
itself.  Both are pretty arcane-looking things in the manual.

To those who have done it: does one actually NEED one or both of 
those tools?  If not, what's the work-around? 

It looks like a pretty simple operation if one has them.  If they are 
required, should I take the part to a dealer and have them do the 
installation? (Hurts to ask that, y'know...)

Thanks aw'fly, group....

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