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On October 19-20, the Allegheny Region chapter of the Porsche
Club of America (Pittsburgh, PA area) will be putting on a
high-speed driver's education event at Mid-Ohio race
track outside of Lexington, Ohio.  This is open to all cars and
drivers meeting the following conditions:

- Minimum of 18 years old with valid driver's license
- 1985 or newer SNELL rated helmet
- Long sleeve cotton shirt, long cotton pants, leather
   or canvas shoes
- Safe vehicle (street car acceptable) meeting:
     3/32" min tread depth
     Good quality brakes (brake fluid flush/bleed
           HIGHLY recommended)
     Body/suspension tight with no play/major rust
     Seatbelts for driver and passenger (equal restraints/
           seating for both; if driver wears race harness,
           must have set for passenger)
     No open exhaust
     Convertibles require rollbar & arm restraints
     Targas run with tops on, sunroofs must be closed
- One novice driver per car

Cost is $251 per driver.  Each driver will get paired with
an experienced instructor, and will have approx. 2 hours of
track time per day.  Passing is allowed only on designated
straightaways, and ONLY if the car in front waves you by.  In
addition, there will be mandatory classroom sessions.

If interested, give me your MAILING ADDRESS (can't E-mail an
application).  Questions, E-mail me at porsray@aol.com or
call 412/824-5264 eves (after 7:00 PM).  Thanks.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
Allegheny Region chapter of the Porsche Club of America