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Re: dual exhausts

> > So, it appears that the S6 is a car with an inline 5cyl, 20v turbo motor.
> > Correct?
> How do you divide 2 into 5 evenly?  It wouldn't make alot of sense to 
> split it 3 and 2 unless you sized the twin exhausts perfectly so that a 
> smaller one had 2 cylinders and a slightly larger one had 3 cylinders.  
> They other option would be to split one cylinder into  two, but there 
> would still be a chance that the split cylinder would flow differently as 
> compared to the rest of the cylinders.  The only other option would be to 
> have a small plenum after the headrer to mix all the gases, then run them 
> down twin pipes, but that would defeat some of the purpose of duals in 
> the first place.
... you're forgetting one other fact, the car only has one *turbo*  It 
turns out that the S4 and 200q20v have dual exhaust ... at least from 
shortly after the WG and through the cats and mufflers.  I would imagine 
that is has some positive effect for horsepower.

... would you hook up a smaller turbo on the 2-cyl exhaust?  Perhaps feed 
the output of the two cyl turbo to the other 3 cyls? ... ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)