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Re: No power at 4200 RPM

   > When I am going up through the gears and get to 4200 rpm the motor 
   > loses power.
   > Like it is starving for fuel, also when this started I don't get anymore 
   > than 1.0 boost. I use to get 1.6 and then have the fuel shut off kick 
   > in. 

   Assuming it isn't fuel startvation (when did you last change the fuel filter?) 
   it sounds like one of the boost hoses is split.  These splits are sometimes 
   hard to find - it's best to remove them completely and have a _real_ _good_ 

An easy check for fuel starvation: measure the O2 sensor output -- at full
throttle it should remain well above 0.5V (in the neighborhood of 0.7V or
so) to indicate a "full-throttle enrichment" condition; if it drops below
0.5V, you're running lean (and in danger of burning exhaust valves, etc.)