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Re: UR-Q help Need center muffler

> Once again foiled! Having the tie rod replaced last week somehow has caused
> the exhaust pipe at the rear end of the middle muffler section to release
> from the weld point. The rest of the muffler and the long front pipe section
> look really good, which is suprising. A local supplier has the part for
> $238--this seems in the ballpark, but I would love to know if there is a
> cheaper source, or if the muffler can be rewelded to the pipe, (fabricating a
> new end piece and sleeve it to the tailpipe section) as the rest of it looks
> OK. Of course this has to be done by Fri, as I'm driving the car this weekend
>  to  Anyone with ideas about this I would very much appreciate hearing  from.
> Again, thanks in advance for your responses. RDG51@AOL.COM
The lesson that I learned back in the days BQL (before quattro list) was 
that I could get replacements for the QTC parts fairly cheaply, but I found 
after I had disposed of the originals that the OEM pipes were stainless steel 
[which is why they hold up so well] and the replacements were not.  I would 
recommend that you have the center muffler section replaced on your current 
part ... which is what I plan to do with mine.  The total cost should end up 
being even less than the $238 quote you have.  Does anyone have any experi-
ence with a-market silencers that can be used to replace the OEM?  BTW, if 
you haven't been under the car to check things out, you should find that 
removing the center section of the exhaust system should be pretty easy, 
the system is connected using flanges ... the worst thing that will happen 
would be that the bolts have rusted ...

FYI, I've seen one of the early US spec cars, which happens to have a 
straight pipe from the cat to the rear muffler.

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)