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Running for office?

Having never sought elected anything before, I'm as surprised as anyone that
I am considering asking my name be submitted to QCUSA's Nominating Committee
as a potential candidate for the upcoming elections.

On the one hand, I believe the whole nominating process stinks and I have no
desire to be a part of it; on the other hand, I really think the easiest way
to help address the many problems I have with QCUSA is by working inside-out
and not outside-in.  This means running for a seat on the board and the only
way to do that is by working within the system, ill-considered though it may

Assuming I make it past the Nominating Committee, would anyone be willing to
vote for me?  Outside of the Q-List, I'm pretty much an unknown and I see no
easy way to change this in the short amount of time that's available ... I'm
not really sure how one goes about campaigning anyway ("a turbo in every car
and a hydraulic lift in every garage"?).

So, what's the consensus?  Should I run for a seat on the board or remain an
outsider to preserve my independence?  Let me know what you think since I'll
have to make a decision fairly quickly...

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