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Re: V12? Why not V10 twin-turbo?

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> > It's a pretty nice engine.  I have seen one power the Steve Tamandli E-mod
> > (Is taht correct Jeff?) autocross Fiero.
> Yes, it's E-Mod but something tells me he's using an early Oldsmobile block
> instead of a Buick.  There is a guy in town who stuck one of these into his

You should have seen this car at Ionia near Lansing, MI.  There is a very
nice 2-day autocross there every fall, a couple weeks after nationals. 
They mark out the course so that they can repeat the same course exactly
every year, adn therefore, they also keep track records. (guess who holds
the course record in FP :-) The faster cars were getting up to about 70
mph on this course.  Tamandli, in the V8 Fiero spun his rear tires ALL THE
WAY DOWN THE BACK STRAIGHT!!!  on his first run.   Talk about tork.  sheesh.

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