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RE: A8, RS2, etc.

OK - 'fess up. What's this about an RS2 in the US?
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I was planing on lurking for a month, and reading all archives before
anything, but I saw the posting about the A8 being seen at a US
dealership and 
I thought I could contribute.  At least two very nice, new, European
spec A8's 
(one a 4.2 quattro and the other a 3.7 front wheel drive) are going from
to dealer.   They came through the Pittsburgh area two weeks ago,
spending one 
or two days at each of the dealers.  At the dealer a block away from my
company in Sewickley, PA, anyone could drive them.  The speedos were in
only, and they didn't have side airbags and some other features of the
US bound 
cars.  They were carrying Michigan manufacturer's plates.  The only
other A8 in 
the US of which I am aware has been driven here in Pittsburgh for the
past year 
or more by Paul O'Neill, CEO of Alcoa, with which Audi dveloped the
chassis, etc.     

If anyone is interested and the story has not been told on the list yet,
would be glad to tell you about the RS2 that lurks the streets of
and surprises a lot of people with its 300 hp 
"Powered by Porsche" engine.   

Last comment:  re the dual exhausts on an S6--could it be possible that
it was 
one of the V8 powered S4/S6's from Europe?  After having been in an RS2
Sewickley, anything is possible.

By the way, great list. Charlie Schliebs   caschliebs@jonesday.com