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Re: UR-Q help Need center muffler

> At 04:43 PM 8/20/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >> FYI, I've seen one of the early US spec cars, which happens to have a 
> >> straight pipe from the cat to the rear muffler.
> >> 
> >
> >That's what the local muffler shop did to my UrQ when it needed new mufflers!
> >Straight pipe for the center muffler and a super turbo at the rear.  It worked
> >fine for about half the price of ONE OEM muffler.
> >
> >Orin.
> >
> I think Steve is referring to my car.  I bought it from a CA quattro club
> member.  I would suggest that you make sure you have the right exhaust
> tip(s) if you remove the center resonator.  Exit velocity is critical to
> noise on these cars.  A fancy dual tip pipe like I have may not be what you
> want.  I notice resonance at idle with this setup; it's fine otherwise.

Actually, when they fired mine up at the muffler shop, their comment was
something like "Huh, I thought it was going to be louder than that...".
It wasn't noticeably louder than before.