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Arm rests in '86 5KS? -Reply

John Kuo-Sheng Su <healer@uclink.berkeley.edu> said:

> Hi, I was wondering if anyone else misses having an armrest in the
> front in their 5KS?  Is there anyway to add one?  I bought my 5KS
> used and didn't notice that it didn't have a front armrest built
> into either of the front seats.  There's the parking brake right in
> the middle, so a rest would probalby have to adapt into the seat.
> Do I have any options?

Many moons ago I found a mail order company that was manufacturing
center armrests for all kinds of cars.  Because of the small market and
custom designs, they were expensive.  I believe they wanted $100+ for
one for my '86 4KS (I passed).  I might still have the info if anyone's
BTW, has anyone put the OEM center armrests on a CQ?  I hear that
they were left off of cars with the ski-sack.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ20v