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Hydraulic system work

Just got done replacing my rack 'n' pinion supply/return hoses. What a
PITA... While I was at it I removed the reservoir and thoroughly cleaned it
- wow - was it nasty! The filter screen cleaned up nicely w/carb cleaner,
but I had to stuff a rag in the reservoir to get the grunge off the sides. I
can now actually easily see fluid level!

I've decided to replace the hyd pump supply hose, brake return hose, and
accumulator supply hoses next. This will finish out a complete hose
replacement prior to replacing the bomb. In view of the amount of
accumulated black (ie, rubber) wear products in the system, I would consider
this as virtually mandatory for anyone planning to replace thier bomb on an
older vehicle. This stuff will gum up a check valve inna heartbeat!

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                                       EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
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                                              Maitland, Florida