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Re: quattro-digest V3 #916

My Coupe was built in July '89, doesn't have the sway bar.  Accd'g to 
parts fiche, they started putting it on cars after chassis # 003682
(9/1/89 build date)

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

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 From: "Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com>
 Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:27:30 -0400
 Subject: RE: Coupe q - Turn Signals and anti-roll bars.
 Mine is a 5.89 build date and is lacking both a rear sway bar and
 acceptable bushings...
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 >Subject: 	Coupe q - Turn Signals and anti-roll bars.
 >Also, when did Coupes get rear anti-roll bars? Mine, production 8-89,
 >has one. I just found this out last 
 >night while inspecting suspension and rotating tires... 
 >Looking at  the bushings all around, all I can say is... Let me know
 >when you have something available, 
 >Todd - Akron, Oh
 >'90 Coupe q
 >Other lesser beasts...
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