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Zymol and P21S Wax

Hi all...

My $.02 on the wax subject: 

	Zymol is an excellent wax. It gives an incredibly deep gloss and a very smooth finish. The downside to Zymol is that it doesn't hold up the weather here in Ohio. Three weeks after an application of either the good pase Zymol or the cheap liquid the gloss has faded considerably.

	I have used P21S for about three months now and I"m extremely impressed. It gives 95%+ of the depth of gloss that Zymol does and the finish is the most velvet -like I have ever seen. The best part is that I have gone for almost two months and the car is still shining and shedding water almost as well as the day I waxed it.

	P21S also has a cleaner, similar to HD Cleanse, but much easier to apply. The cleaner doesn't "stick" to the paint like HD Cleanse.

Hope this helps, this has been my experience, YMMV...

Todd  Akron, Ohio
'90 Coupe q
'84 Jeep Scrambler
Other lesser beasts are gone, with the wife...(another story, another time, does have Audi jealousy content, tho...)