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Re: QCUSA Reality, was Re: My letter to

> When the procedures that govern the operation of a club are hazy,
> indistinct, unfair, etc., someone must stand up for what is right and
> question them until satisfied.  I applaud Jeff for having the guts to say,
> "I think something is amiss, and I intend to do what I can to find out
> about it, and fix it if I can".  Go for it, Jeff, I will vote for you.  

Thanks for your support.  BTW, just to make this perfectly clear, I have NO
problem with ANY of the people involved in QCUSA as individuals -- my brief
exposure to some of them has been very positive -- but the club as a whole.
I know it's sometimes difficult to separate these two but I assure you that
my concerns lie solely with the organization itself and not its constituent

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