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Re: Mysterious connecter & bracket

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mark Shilling say:

> While nosin' around under the hood I found an electrical connection not
> connected, it is attached to a bracket which is also not connected,
> although it looks as if it once was (and fairly recently).
> However, I can't for the life of me find anyplace either should be
> connected to! So this is my layman's description:  It originally (as a
> large bundle)comes through the firewall approximately at the steering
> column, back behind the brake reservoir and around the right side of the
> battery cover, then splits into 2 - one to the distrib.cap/rotor, the other
> to the UN-connected bracket, where this one again splits into 2, with one
> going down somewhere towards the transmission, the other being the
> *mystery* plug. The plug is 5-pin, but looks like only two are "active".
> inside the sleeve are 3 wires, 2 are blue/black and 1 is red/blue or black
> (I can't make out my notes).  There is a part # on the plug - 893 945 321.

Not quite understanding what you are saying, and not knowing what kind
of car you have, I'll take a WAG.

I think it's the test plug for the O2 sensor.

Is it a white plastic plug, with the wire sort of folded up with a
twist tie? The other end goes to the exhaust system, underneath the
car where the O2 sensor is mounted.


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